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Piano Lessons
for All

It is never too early or too late

to learn how to play the piano and

start enjoying the art of music.


Let's Enjoy Music Together

KMI Music Studio provides quality

one-to-one piano instruction. KMI teaches

students of all ages and all levels.

We welcome new and transfer students.


First Time
Taking Piano Lessons?

No worries.

Here are frequently asked

questions and answers

from our insturctor.


I have a four year old daughter. Is it too early to start piano lessons?

No. It is NEVER too young to start learning how to play the piano. We accept a child of any age as long as s/he knows the alphabets from

A through G, can count to 10,

can do simple addition, and

knows what "half" means.


I am an adult and never learned how to read music or play any instrument. Am I too old to learn how to play the piano?

NEVER! There is no age too old to start playing the piano.  There are many who start learning the piano after they reach their retirement ages.  Playing the piano is good

for keeping your mind sharp.


How long and how often will piano lessons be?

For beginners and early intermediate students, we recommend weekly 30 minutes lessons. From intermediate to advance students, we recommend weekly 60 minutes lessons.  For adults, bi-weekly lessons may be acceptable.


Do we need to have

a piano at home?

No. If the student is a beginner, a keyboard is sufficient.  Our instructor would be happy to advise which kind of instrument you/your child need(s) and guild you in your instrument search. 


I have a specific piece that I want to play.

Our instructor is trained in various types of music and does arrangements.  She would be happy to guild you so that you can play your dream piece!!


How often do we need to practice on the piano at home?

It is recommended for a beginner student to practice 5-15 minutes every day at home. However, as the student advances, at-home-practice becomes more and more important.


“Ms. Kate is very patient and friendly. She was our second teacher, and my daughter's improvement was apparent even from the 2nd and 3rd lessons.”

J.W., Parent of Piano Student


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